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The COR is a prototype and evaluation service hosted by the ESIP Federation. It consists of a deployment of the MMI Ontology Registry and Repository. The COR is available for any member of ESIP or the public to test the creation and management of earth science ontologies and vocabularies.

Technical Details

The ESIP Community Ontology Repository is hosted on an ESIP Federation Amazon Web Service instance. The ESIP Federation intends to maintain this instances for the duration of the evaluation being performed by the Semantic Web Committee (likely at least through July 2017). The software comes from MMI's ORR project (see below), with minor modifications for branding and configuration.

The COR software has been significantly upgraded for this evaluation, and is a beta release. For additional information on this software, you can review the help pages (still in alpha release).

Detailed documentation about the ESIP project to deploy COR is found at the project's wiki on github. Deployment tasks may be reviewed at the project's issues page.

The ESIP Community Ontology Repository is operated by MMI with funding from the ESIP Federation. Funding for the latest modifications to COR has been provided by the Cross-Domain Observational Metadata for EnviroSensing project (X-DOMES).

About MMI's Ontology Registry and Repository

The MMI Ontology Registry and Repository (ORR) is a web application through which you can create, update, access, and map ontologies and their terms. It's primary deployment can be found at Detailed help for ORR can be found on the MMI ORR User Manual page, which is linked to from the ontologies browse page of each ORR distribution.

A detailed explanation of the ORR, including links to related information, is provided at the MMI Semantic Web Services and Tools page. More information about the semantic framework, of which ORR forms a part, can be found at the MMI Semantic Framework page.

If you have any troubles with or suggestions about ORR, please contact the MMI team.

The primary MMI ORR web service deployment is hosted by the Harte Research Institute, Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi, Corpus Christi, TX, USA